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Clinical trials are pivotal in the advancement and development of new treatments for all types of disorders and diseases. If not for clinical trials, todays advancements in the medical field would not have come to fruition and the lack of more advanced/adequate treatments would be immense.

Contributing to a research study/clinical trial helps in the advancement of the medical knowledge for physicians and allows patients an opportunity to have access to alternative healthcare, increase a greater understanding of their therapeutic ailment, and access to potentially new treatments often not available outside of a clinical trial.

Participants are compensated for the time and travel while participating in the study and can withdraw at any time.

Help Science Develop and Move Forward

Be at the forefront in contributing to science and the community by participating in the upcoming clinical trial. This exciting contribution can be part of a brighter future for you and those whom suffer from the same indication.

Get early access to potential medications

Get access to potential diagnostic tests and or medical evaluations of particular diseases or conditions without worrying about the cost.

Participants will receive compensation for time & travel

Compensation amounts vary from study to study, therefore, please check with our qualified staff for more information.

No Medical Insurance Required

No medical insurance information nor payment is required to participate in Clinical Trials.

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    Since the year 2000, FXM Research group of companies have been involved with more than 70 of the most respected pharmaceutical companies and organizations in the world known as sponsors; conducting over 460 Clinical Trials in Dermatology.

    The following are the main therapeutic conditions in dermatology that FXM Clinical Research has conducted studies of:

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    Take Advantage of Our Referral Program (USA ONLY)

    Do you know someone who may be interested in participating in a dermatology clinical research study? Refer a friend and/or a family member! If the participant gets enrolled in a study, you will receive $50.00 as a referral fee! Please have your friend or family member call our offices and/or provide us with his/her contact information, we will handle the rest. Share with your family and friends, just make sure they mention your name so that you may receive your $50.00 for each new referred person who qualifies and enrolls in a study.

    An FXM enrollment specialists can provide details when you sign up or call: 305-220-5222

    **The same participant may not be referred more than once. The participant must be new to FXM, enroll into a study and comply with all visits as per protocol before receiving $50.00 for referral fee. Participant(s) currently participating in a study are not eligible for this program. If a participant is referred by multiple people, the first person who referred will receive the payment. Eligibility will be tracked by FXM Research. FXM Research reserves the right to revise or eliminate this program at any time without notice.