Francisco X. Moncada, RN, BSN, CCRC

Mr. Moncada is the founder of FXM Research. As such, he is The Most Knowledgeable and Responsible Person to Handle all FDA Inspections. Francisco Moncada is a BS Registered Nurse; he has worked with Dr. Wiltz for over 27 years and has extensive experience in most dermatological conditions and disorders. The following are the most important milestones under the Direction /Management of Mr. Moncada:

  • In the year 2000, our first FXM site was founded in Miami, Florida. Today, this site in Miami has conducted over 220 clinical trials. The PI for the FXM Miami site is Dr. Wiltz.
  • In late 2006, two FXM International sites were founded in Belize City, Central America one with Dr. Bradley and the other one with Dr. Mendez-Moguel. Together, both Belize sites have conducted over 90 studies.
  • In the year 2008, another Florida site was founded in Miramar which today has conducted over 138 studies. The PI for the FXM Miramar site is Dr. Flores.
  • In late 2018, a new FXM International site was founded in Saint Lucia, Caribbean which, today has conducted 4 studies. The PI for the FXM International Saint Lucia site is Dr. Edwin-Tobias.
  • Lastly, in 2019, another site in Florida was founded in Fort Lauderdale, being Dr. Chaplik the PI for this site with over 3 studies conducted.

Today, all FXM International administrative liaisons are headquartered in the newest FXM Brickell office, in Miami Florida. Mr. Moncada’s management directive is to ensure all the FXM Research sites convey the same unequivocal quality of standards each has to offer.