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Code of Ethics

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to assure our Clinical Research Community that all work conducted by our FXM Research Sites is delivered in adherence to the ethical principles and professional standards of responsible practice essential to the field of clinical research. The adoption of such ethical principles and practices comes to live as part of Our People's credo by conveying their roles with honesty, trustworthiness, ruthlessness to compliance to regulations, and with a high regard to responsible innovation within the medical field.

The main principles of our Code of Ethics include:

  1. Subject safety assurance: preventively, faultlessly and consistently in the conduct of research;
  2. Subject confidentiality and anonymity compliance: according to HIPPA regulations;
  3. Intellectual honesty, competence and accuracy in performing and reporting research;
  4. FDA Regulations and GCP guidelines adherence;
  5. In-depth Study protocol understanding;
  6. High SOP observance/alertness and assessment;
  7. Proficiency and fairness in peer review;
  8. Disclosure of conflicts of interest;
  9. Documentation and systematic archiving advocacy.

The application of this Code requires good judgment and common sense. Its use/application is the representation of FXM Research's core values and principles.

Although it provides standards, the Code does not provide a set of rules. Reasonable differences of opinion do exist with respect to interpretation and specific application requires that the context of a given behavior must be taken into account hitherto. Our Code of Ethics aims to set forth standards to which our team members aspire for and may be judged against (both by themselves and by others). Ethical behavior should result from a personal commitment to engage in ethical practice and from an attempt to act in a manner that assures integrity always.

Ultimately, the FXM Research Code of Ethics is a living manuscript that will be changed, shaped and updated accordingly as the research practice continues to evolve and develop.


About FXM Research

Founded in the year 2000, FXM Research is a privately owned and operated Clinical Research Site that conducts phase II, III, and IV clinical research trials specializing in Dermatology.