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FXM Research International is a good source of prospective sites for Sponsors and CROs. We provide skilled investigators for any DERMATOLOGY TRIAL within a short period of time.

The FXM Research International team consists of a group of experienced, trained, and bilingual personnel, who interact with our subjects, sponsors, and CROs as a cohesive group.

We do whatever is necessary to accommodate our subjects' school and/or work schedule, which maximizes compliance and retention.

Currently operating with two well established Research Sites in Belize, FXM Research International provides a diverse array of subject demographics for any particular Clinical Trial.


Principal Investigator
FXM Research International - Site I
Belize City, Belize. Central America
Dermatology experience: 15 years
Clinical Research experience: 15 trials
Phases of Research: II, III, IV
     Condition                  No. of Studies
       Acne                                    9
       Tinea Pedis                         5
       Tinea Versicolor                 1
       T.Pedis, Cruris, Corporis   1
 Principal Investigator
FXM Research International - Site II
Belize City, Belize. Central America
Dermatology experience: 10 years
Clinical Research experience: 14 trials
Phases of Research: II, III, IV
     Condition                    No. of Studies
       Acne                                    8
       Tinea Pedis                          5
       Tinea Cruris                         1
       T. Pedis, Cruris, Corporis   1


Each of these sites is capable of recruiting up to 80-100 subjects within a time frame of three months for most common dermatological conditions. These international sites are capable of delivering the same high quality standard of work that has come to be expected from FXM Research’s operation in the US.


About FXM Research

Founded in the year 2000, FXM Research is a privately owned and operated Clinical Research Site that conducts phase II, III, and IV clinical research trials specializing in Dermatology.